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The test was conducted by MFPA Leipzig GmbH and the report is available in both English and German. This is the summary from the English version of the report:

"Assessment and summary

Experimental tests on the Ultra injection hose from the clients examined the suitability for sealing working joints. The implemented tests have proven the following properties:

  • The test for injectability of a concreted, 10 m hose section with acrylate gel Rubbertite / Polinit and polyurethane resin contec-injection resin C1 revealed that the injection channel can be injected with the specified injection agent at this length.
  • The working joint sealed with contec-injection resin C1 is waterproof up to a pressure of 5 bar.

Preconditions for the functional capability of the tested working joint sealing are the use of waterproof concrete, a faultless working joint geometry and correct installation of the Ultra injection hose in accordance with the processing instructions and the DBV note."

Download complete report: