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In an ordinary, flat construction joint without grooves, max. 6-7 meters.

In a construction joint with
grooves: until 12 meters.

For cement injections, max. 6 meters.

It is unnecessary to install Ultra with an overlap.

Joints should be made and kept as clean as possible prior to pouring!!!
Standard Ultra injection hose delivery (the Ultra Box is not standard).

Measure out the desired length of hose.  Remember an eventual tension of 4-6 cm per metre! 

To avoid damage of the braided sheath, tape solid on both sides of the cutting point.

Cut the hose with  suitable scissors or a knife.

Enter the supply hose at least 25 mm into the injection hose (mounting paste). The "lugs" on the clamp must sit parallel to the side opposite the white lace. Clamp on alternate sides, and ensure that the "lugs" are not clamped flat! Length of supply tubes 40 - 50 cm or as required.

End loops for axial tension are perhaps entered most easily from the underside of the hose (the side it lies on).  Put the hooks of the end loop into the "lugs" of the hose clamp.

ULTRA works just as well without axial tension, but this improves the contact with the surface and eases the installation.

If polyurethane (PUR) is likely to be used, it is beneficially with a dry hose inside. The end of the supply tubes should be heated over an open flame and clamped together. ULTRA can be "butt" jointed  by gluing with super-glue.  The ends are taped and cut, neatly and smoothly.  Add clue all over the end. Tape the joint.

Ultra injection hose is delivered with standard accessories  
necessary for the preparation described above. This includes supply tube, 
hose clamp, end loop, plug clips, tape and lubrication.

When the preparation of the hose is done it's time for the installation