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Cold joints with demands for tightness is strongly recommended  produced with grooves. 2"x4" boards in falling lengths should be given a bevel cut at two sides as shown at the figure, to obtain good slip and economic reuse.
If necessary adjust the width.

Forming boards are tied "butt in butt" to the reinforcement as the figure shows. Fish over joints and in corners. 
Regarding forming boards on end forms in wall and paving, see the installation section.


The forming boards must be removed as soon as possible after pouring, and burr edges smoothened.  Clean the construction joint with air- (water), and install the injection hose before the reinforcement courses too much obstacles. 
If Ultra is harmed or damaged, it must  properly be wrapped with tape or exchanged.

If grooves are left out, the surface should be smoothened to secure a rapid and reliable installation of Ultra.

With Ultra injection hose in concrete, on stone or steel, you will get all 
the flexibility and security you wish for!

For more pictures of grooves, click here!