Re-injection of ULTRA

Re-injection:  If appropriate preparations are fulfilled, it is possible to re-inject Ultra. Using 1-component polyurethane, this can also be executed within reasonable time (days) without cleaning the hose between the rounds.  Supply hoses must be dazzled.  Cement suspensions and other self hardening materials must be evacuated from the hose by rinsing (pressure up to 1,5 bar) or by vacuumication.

Problems?  Injection grouting is disappearing into the hose without pressure - and you do not succeed in finding the supply tube in the other end? Solution:  Create a "floating plug" that fasten in the enter of the supply tube on the other end like this:  Insert some small wooden pieces (5mm pieces of matches?) into the supply tube.  Then stuff in a small quantity of tow, hemp, paper or something similar by using a steel wire and start the injection. If you quite soon observe some pressure in the system, you may probably accomplish the injection as normally.  If not, you may have to repeat the procedure until you succeed establishing the plug.    

Important!  When injecting cement suspensions, a sufficient level of pressure and volume must be maintained to avoid straining out particles (flushing through regularly).