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Boxes for protecting supply tubes

Ultra Box is an elegant way of protecting the supply tubes. 
After removing the form you can easily access the tubes and start the injection.

Beneath there is a guide on how to install the Ultra Box and
how to lead the supply tubes into the box. 

(Click on thumbnails for bigger pictures)
Boks_forskaling.jpg (65594 bytes)

The steel spring is mounted to the reinforcement using a plastic strap like the picture shows (do not use steel thread!). 
The distance to the joint can be 15-20 cm (or as one wishes). 
The overlap of the armouring must be between 25 and 50 mm 
(check) so that the box is pushed hard enough against the form.

If the distance is unacceptable this must be altered in some way, before mounting. One solution is to make a mounting iron.

Slange_inn_i_boks.jpg (28342 bytes)

The supply tubes must be mounted along the concrete surface and towards the box. Fix the tubes to the same reinforcement as the box (here steel thread can be used).

6 mm holes for the tubes is punched in the weakened areas in the side of the box (flat areas). Push the supply tubes inside the box and adjust the length so that the hose is lying on the concrete as mentioned above. The box is then pushed on to the spring.  

The length of the supply tubes should be 15-25 cm, inside the box. The tubes is then formed in a circle along the edge of the box. Put the lid on.

As the pictures indicates, the different sections of the hose can be numbered and marked inside the box.

On some places the spring can be dropped and the lid or the box can be nailed directly to the form.

Boks_innstopt.jpg (58795 bytes)

During the work with the forms or before pouring one must check that the boxes are in the right spot behind the walls. Adjust if necessary.
The box can be used in floors - without the spring. 
The boxes can be left as they are or be painted if the Ultra hoses isn't injected.
It's easy to remove the box and fill the hole if that's desireable.

The box is great as an addition to the Ultra injection hose 
and can give an even better and more satisfying installation