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Multiject Test - 000830

Test Date:  August 30, 2000
Test Location: Underground Services (1983) LTD. - Bolton, Ontario.

Test Goals:  To determine if Multiurethanes Multiject injection hose system is suitable for use with Spinor A12 Microfine cement as stated in the manufacturers literature.

Mixing Equipment: 1L4 Portable high speed mixer  complete with Moyno Pump.

Injection Material: Spinor A12 microfine cement was mixed for 5 minutes using a 2:1 water to cement ratio.

Injection Hose: A 15 foot length of Multiject injection hose was equipped with 1 meter lengths of 1/4" extension tubing at each end.

Results: At a pressure of 25 PSI, select Multiject valves opened and microfine exited. At a pressure of 50 PSI, all of the Multiject valves were open and microfine was dispensed evenly along the full length of the injection hose.

Conclusion: The tests provided live confirmation of the manufacturers statements that Multiject is a suitable injection hose system to deliver Spinor A12 microfine cement. Also, given the valve opening pressure requirement determined by the tests to be > 25 PSI, Multiject's valve construction outperforms other competitive re- injectable hose systems presently available, in it's ability to be thoroughly flushed at pressures of < 25 PSI after injection.


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